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Passive Income Sources – Invest in Your Future With These 2 Years of Rental Property

by GBAF mag

Passive income sources online are often overlooked as the best things that can happen to your business. And yet, this is absolutely true. If you’re looking for ways to add more real estate exposure to your already impressive portfolio but do not want to hassle with holding properties physically (definitely not passive income), you can invest in a pre-funded real estate venture. The top three in my opinion are (again, all are free to join so you can explore):

Crowdfundrise is a REIT with an accredited investor requirement and a low minimum investment. This is a high yield savings account that allows you to invest into rentals, commercial properties, or a wide variety of homes, businesses, and more. You are able to invest up to 25% of your capital at any time into your account. This makes investing into Crowdfundrise a great passive income source. Of course, it is not a get rich quick scheme and requires a lot of due diligence.

Investing in the stocks and bonds market is another of the best passive income sources. One of the reasons why I recommend this is because you have complete control of your investment funds. In addition, the dividends you receive are also generally quite nice. Depending on what type of investments you make, you may even be able to reinvest some of your returns into additional properties and income opportunities.

There are also a couple other passive income sources that are similar to investing in stocks and bonds, but I’m not going to discuss them here. The best thing you can do is read up on the various passive income ideas mentioned above and then decide which of the methods you feel most comfortable with. It would also be a good idea to research reputable companies such as Shopify, Elance, and Zenefor which are known for being excellent dropshipping companies.

Another option you have for high yield savings is to open up a high yield savings account with a bank. However, you need to know that the interest rates will probably be a little bit more than what you’re currently paying for your credit cards and bank accounts. Of course, you will also need to learn about opening and managing these accounts so that you don’t put yourself at too much of a disadvantage. While there are a few good bands out there, some may not be very good when it comes to dropshipping. So it’s always best to do your research before making a decision.

A final option you have for an income stream that is passive but has the potential to make money is to invest in real estate. This is an excellent way to earn some money without having to work all day or night. The reason why this type of investment is great for long term is because it will allow you to build cash flow over time. The cash flow will come from the interest that is built on the amount of money you invest.

The next two years are going to be rough. In fact, during these years I’m going to quit my job. Why? Well, the economy is terrible and we’re all looking for ways to make money fast. I’m thinking about starting my own passive income stream by investing in two years worth of company stocks. That means I’ll have about five job years left.

Here’s how it works: I take an investment portfolio and get into a company with capital gains. I only invest the money I can afford to lose, so that my overall risk level is minimal. Once I get in the business, I buy low and sell high when the market goes up. In the years to come, I take a couple of dividend growth stocks and reinvest them in company stocks.


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