What Is an Income Statement?

An income statement is one of two financial statements of a business and shows the business’s profits and losses over a specific period. The other type is the statement of earnings, which provides an overall analysis of the business’s net income from a variety of sources. The income statement shows … Read more

What is a Financial Reporting Definition?

Financial reporting is the process of recording financial information and publishing it in a format that is acceptable to the parties involved. Financial statements are official records of a company’s financial activity and status, as well as all of its financial details. It is essential for every organization to have … Read more

Side Hustle Apps Review

While side hustle apps exist, the real challenge is figuring out which one to choose. There are literally hundreds of sites out there where you can earn cash to perform various tasks. From simple everyday tasks such as taking out the garbage and taking surveys to much more complex tasks … Read more

Small Business Idea Summer Programs

The Internet is fast becoming the business world’s new media, as millions of users log on each day. What started as a simple way for people to communicate quickly has evolved into a highly effective marketing tool, used by companies of all shapes and sizes. From startups to international corporations, … Read more

Principles of Management

Management principles or philosophies are what guide the managerial process. These management principles are: Individual responsibility, delegation of responsibility, unity of effort, sharing of power, and a respect for individual’s initiative. Dividing up the entire work of the company amongst various individuals and making departments. Unity of command. Union of … Read more

Business Management Degrees – Career Paths

Business management degrees to help people enhance their business skills: interpersonal communications, leadership, technology and many other relevant personality qualities. These skills are often referred to collectively as soft skills in the business world. People who have these skills make an enormous difference in business. Below, we’ll review the top … Read more