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Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Business

by GBAF mag

Ecommerce has taken the internet world by storm. Millions of shoppers from around the world use ecommerce to buy products or services online. eCommerce is ideal for online retailers who want to maximize their online business potential and attract more customers. If you are planning on starting your own eCommerce venture, here are a few of the best features available in the best eCommerce hosting providers:

eCommerce has one of the best user interfaces available on the internet. All good eCommerce platforms allow you to build your web store from the ground up, beginning with site design. However, if it is your first time building a web store, you will probably want something with a simple, easy-to-understand interface.

eCommerce includes many different types of add-ons, or plug-ins. The best eCommerce platform for small businesses allows you to use plug-ins for content management, inventory tracking, search engine optimization, online catalogs, shopping carts and more. The best eCommerce hosting providers include a wide variety of extensions, which allow for the fast and efficient management and access of content, extensions and databases. However, it is always recommended that you work with a provider that offers a full range of eCommerce plug-ins, so that you can easily add new pages, products, services and more.

Most eCommerce platforms include a number of features designed to simplify customer interactions and improve the ability to provide superior customer service. These features include: custom shopping carts, a comprehensive marketing platform and integrated analytics available through the dashboard. The best eCommerce platform for small businesses also offers a customized web interface, which is highly flexible and easy to customize. Its secure storage and data center allow you to make customized updates and changes to your website and database.

A popular ecommerce platform is Squeeze Pages, a completely stand alone web building software solution that comes with a suite of fully customizable templates by default with a number of add-ons that allow you to quickly create professional looking landing pages, email campaigns, newsletters, and more. You can also integrate your Squeeze Pages business with Google AdWords and other Google marketing tools and take full advantage of the power of Google’s advertising capabilities. One feature that most people find very useful is the built in grid view that shows all Squeeze Pages together, along with their individual click-through rates.

In addition to offering a fully customizable user interface, Squeeze Pages is an excellent choice because of the wide variety of templates available upon request. Users can also request additional template designs, if they do not find what they are looking for on the site itself. Other popular and widely used ecommerce platforms include OSCommerce and Joomla. OSCommerce is an extremely popular choice for both ecommerce stores and websites and offers a wide variety of pre-made modules to build websites from scratch. Joomla is a highly versatile and efficient Ecommerce Content Management System that is easily installed and used with its numerous extensions and modules available upon request.

There are many other fully featured ecommerce platforms available upon request, including PayPal and Jiva. While Jiva provides a simple, easy to use interface for online stores, it does not have nearly the variety of add-ons and extensions available upon request for Squeeze. PayPal is one of the most straightforward ecommerce platforms, but its “Payment Gateways” are not as well known. Most consumers choose either Squeeze or PayPal, because they offer the best security, and options for online marketing campaigns.

The final major ecommerce platform upon which buyers will choose is Fizo, a blog engine that offers complete functionality for publishing content on your blog. Fizo also offers complete social media integration options, and their in-built SEO optimization abilities make them an excellent choice for a store’s social media marketing efforts. Both Fizo and WordPress are very reliable and stable platforms that offer a great deal of value for the money spent to operate a store, while offering complete customization and SEO optimization. In addition to offering their own individual strengths and capabilities, both systems allow you to integrate with popular blogging software such as WordPress and Blogger. These open source solutions are among the most popular and widely used for ecommerce site builders and online marketing campaigns.


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