What is the Average IQ

What’s the average IQ of US citizens? Well, the average US adult has an average IQ of about 98, which lands him in the bottom 10 percentile for all intelligence levels, landing at 24th in the World’s intellectual power rankings. It is important to remember that IQ scores are not … Read more

What Is Sustainability

What is sustainability? It is a concept that means we should be responsible for the health and well being of our planet. It is a philosophy that we are all a part of a “world community” and that we all contribute to the earth’s health. Sustainable means that we can … Read more

What Is Justice

Justice means different things to different people. Justice has its roots in the concept of fairness. Justice is one of the three foundational principles of the United States Constitution, which sets forth the basic principles of justice. Justice is sometimes defined as a procedure for resolving disputes between people, organizations … Read more

What Is Gravity

Gravity, also known as gravitation, is an inherent natural phenomenon by means of which all celestial objects with kinetic or gravitational energy are attracted towards one another. In the Earth’s atmosphere, gravity provides the weight that keeps everything in place, including the air, the water, and the earth itself. The … Read more

What Is Day Trading

For those interested in getting into the stock market, a good introductory course in what is day trading will help you gain the skills necessary to become successful in the investment world. This article will offer some basic information that can help you understand what day trading is all about. … Read more

How to Stop Worrying And Start Living

“How to Stop Worrying And Start Living” is a program that teaches you how to take control of your feelings. It’s fun to read and easy to put into practice. Let it evolve and change you. The concepts in this program are practical life lessons that will help you learn … Read more

Excellence achieved while going over the boards

When you are trying to get to the top in the business world, excellence achieved while going over the boards will be of a great deal to your advantage. This is because it shows that you have taken an interest in what other people are doing on the market and … Read more

Does going over the boards help achieve excellence?

What is the secret to winning at the World Cup and is it something that can be taught to others through sportsmanship? What is the benefit of going over the boards? Why should anyone care about this issue? Many top athletes from all over the world have said that playing … Read more