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5 Of Our Favorite Online Business Models

by GBAF mag

E-learning has exploded as a multi-billion dollar industry. Recent studies estimate that the e-learning industry will be worth up to $341 billion by 2021, earning digital goods one of today’s best online business opportunities for educators and creators alike. Videos, audio, ebooks, digital online classes, and more are some examples of what’s hot in the e-learning market.

There are many ways to create an e-commerce site or blog, which includes creating the content that best suits your particular needs. For example, if you want to offer information products such as books, manuals, software, or multimedia classes, you need to think about how you can best reach your target audience. One of the best online income opportunities today is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, also known as marketing products using another person’s website, is a great way to earn money through the Internet while you also work from home.

Another example of an online business opportunity that involves using the Internet is podcasting. Podcasts, or digital audio streams, are collections of sound and music that listeners can download to their computers. Podcasts can range from brief informational “how-to” s to full-length fiction or documentaries. One of the most popular podcast types is the podcast that features guests who are experts on different topics, like the “Tech Tips for Beginners” podcast that features three professional computer technicians that share tips about everything from how to avoid crashing Windows to how to fix a hard drive.

To make money with podcasting you need to have a website or blog. Some people prefer to start with a podcast that is simply a collection of short audio and video clips rather than a website that feature actual content. That’s where Dropshipping comes in. Dropshipping is when a manufacturer, usually a web store, sells its products through a dropshipping company that ships directly to the customer.

The beauty of Dropshipping is that it allows you to sell quality products like clothing, books, gadgets, music or training videos and coaching over again without ever stocking anything. In fact, you never even have to handle the merchandise. This makes dropshipping a great choice for an Internet based business that doesn’t require you to build an inventory, have a warehouse, or even deal with returns. The only thing you need to get started is a website or blog that features products like the ones Dropshipping offers.

Another great Internet based business idea is online surveys. You can make money taking surveys from people who have products to sell. There are several websites that allow you to sign up for paid surveys and receive payment for your opinion. This is a good way to make money fast without investing much money upfront. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of each survey site before signing up.

Finally, one of our most profitable online business ideas is to monetize blogging. Blogging is just a way of sharing information. You can choose to write about a particular subject or niche and use the site to post articles and videos. Many blog sites offer AdSense programmable widgets so you can display Google AdSense ads on your site. The more popular your blog becomes the more visitors you will get and the more clicks your ads will generate.

Our last suggestion for profitable Internet business models is to take advantage of technology by developing an iPad application and selling it on the app store. It’s currently one of the hottest apps on the planet. Although the iPad is more expensive than the average cell phone many people are purchasing the device in record numbers. To maximize the potential of the iPad and our application, you should consult with a corporate counsel specialist. Corporate counsel can provide you with several tips and advice to make your app profitable.


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