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Shattuck Bantam Phenom Ryan Lindgren commits to Minnesota

Shattuck-St. Mary’s defenseman Ryan Lindgren, a top ’98 in the country, has committed to Minnesota.

Faribault, MN – One of the top 98s in the country committed to the University of Minnesota today. Ryan Lindgren, a 6’1 defenseman with an excess of talent and no shortage of sandpaper to his game, has committed to Don Lucia’s program after two years of success on the SSM-Bantam squad. Lindgren’s commitment caps a successful weekend for him which included stellar performances at the select 15 festival in Edina, where he wowed scouts yet again and dominated his peers, leading us to name him our top prospect out of the age group.

He posted a 3-4-7 line in 5 games at Nationals earlier this month, and posted 80 points in 50 games this year, including 59 assists – but don’t let yourself underestimate his ability to put the puck in the net himself, with a wicked shot that seems to rings off of the post more often than it does the pad.

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The high-end defenseman has improved every aspect of his game over the past two seasons and projects extremely well. Over at OTB Elite, we said this about Lindgren:

With an excess of both natural talent and strength, Lindgren possesses a powerful stride that gets him down the ice alarmingly fast for such a hulking skater. That said, we hesitate to call him ‘explosive’. Instead, Lindgren grits his teeth and simply makes things happen all over the ice with force of will. With a hell of a shot and maturity far ahead of his years, Lindgren has the strength to make forwards regret crossing him and the ability to keep the puck away from them on retrievals.

We had Lindgren at #21 on our Select Seventy Uncommitted Prospect ranking (to come out in full next week), and eyes now turn to Lindgren’s teammates James Greenway and Edquist. Goaltender Ryan Edquist, from the same Minnesota suburb as Lindgren, will also have a number of suitors after yet another stellar showing at the Select 15s.

Needless to say, Lindgren’s talented squad will be heard from again before long, but the question now might be: will any of them join him?