Most Popular Choices For Financing A Franchise Business

Most Popular Choices For Financing A Franchise Business

Starting a business franchise might be a lot different from starting an independent business. One striking difference is that your expenses on branding and marketing go down. You would be representing a brand that has already established itself. So how can you obtain funds for a franchise business? Find out more about the many financing options that are particularly suitable for franchises in this article below.

Franchisor financing

Franchisor financing is the go-to option for most franchise owners. Most franchisors would have business models that allow them to lend funds for the franchise and use this as an alternative way to make an income.

Home collateral

Using your property, home, as a collateral to earn a loan is something that can be quick and hassle-free. This is a property that you already have in your hand and so you might find this loan to be an easy one to obtain as you already have a security and this secured loan is also offered by most of the trusted lending institutions.

Loan from retirement funds

Tap your retirement funds if required, to accumulate finances for your franchise. But remember that there might be penalties especially in terms of the tax when you withdraw early. So make sure that you understand your retirement plan well before you actually withdraw funds from it.

Global level franchise organizations

There are global level organizations that specialize particularly in financing franchises, like the International Franchise Organization for example. Women and minority citizens might get special benefits as well.

Bank loans

Conventional bank loans are still the most preferred choice when it comes to starting a franchise business. But the size of the loan might be restricted based on the level of the contribution being made by the individual franchise owner in the whole business. The profit sharing model being followed by the franchisor would also have a role to play in this area.


Crowdfunding is another great way and you can do this through any of the popular crowdfunding channels available online.


Small business administration loans are known for requiring smaller amounts in the form of down payments and these are very flexible.

Investors today look for flexible options in an investment like trading bots, Ethereum Code for example, which can help them save time and money. So if you plan to go public or choose to crowdfund make sure that you have a strong business plan that would impress the investors who now have plenty of options.