Chocolate has many truths and myths

Chocolate has many truths and myths surrounding it. Sinceyoung, we had been restricted to the amount of chocolate consumed per day, or per week. It was feared that chocolate causes germs and flaws within teeth. Chocolates are known to weigh you more on the scale!

There are many more things that can be considered as truth or fake news. We shall explore them and probably tell you why actually chocolate is good for you!

Dark chocolate is healthy and nutritious:

Dark chocolate is normally with high cocoa content, and that is healthy for thebody. it has ahigh amount of minerals and some amount of fibre, and some traces of sugar. Taking this chocolate in moderation is actually beneficial for your body. The amount of caffeine in this is very small, unlike other chocolates.

It is apowerful source of antioxidants:

It has been found that the raw unprocessed cocoa bean has the highest amount of antioxidants in it. dark chocolate contains organic compounds which are biologically active and possess thefunctionality of antioxidants. They include the flavanols and catechins and polyphenols among other antioxidants.

From a test, it has been shown that dark chocolate contains more antioxidant properties than any other fruit category.

It is known to lower blood pressure:

The component in dark chocolate has the flavanols which are capable of producing and releasing the Nitric Oxide gas, which is essential to trigger the brain to relax the cells, this, therefore, reduces the pressure of the blood.  Flavonols are the component responsible for this activity.

It is naturally proven to raise HDL levels:

Dark chocolate is always beneficial to theheart. There are many aspects that be cured pertaining to theheart. One of the important factors affecting the hearthealth is the cholesterol levels.

There is good and bad cholesterol, which is important in keeping the heart in good condition. The bad cholesterol is responsible for heartaches and blocking. Dark chocolate has the capability to reduce cholesterol level and increase the level of good cholesterol.

Protection against Sun:

Dark chocolate is known to reducethe risk from sun damage. So load up on the chocolate when you are visiting the beach next time.

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