Making Quick Books faster

Making Quick Books faster

Since we all have heard about a saying “time is money” and all the time you spend to perform a task that is both times consuming but necessary will result in generating revenue that otherwise could get more money to your business. Trading robots will also make your job faster, find out more here. Here are a few things that you can do with the help of QuickBooks which small firms make use of to keep their process of accounting up-to-date.

  • Make use of the in-built keyboard shortcuts
  • For desktop version of QuickBooks and online version both, there are a group of keyboard shortcuts that have been developed which will help in saving a lot of time when the user is performing tasks that are common and increase the flow of work. All you have to do is just learn all the shortcuts and once you have mastered this skill all the tasks you will be able to perform within no time. Just use the shortcuts instead of manually moving around the mouse to get the task done. Examples:
  1. By using Ctrl+Del the line in the transaction that is selected will be deleted.
  2. By using Ctrl+F will help in finding text on that page.
  3. By using Alt+down arrow key there will be a calendar icon that will pop-up on the right side of the field where you need to mention date.

The keyboard shortcuts may vary for the online version and desktop version and it can even be different for Mac platform and PC platform, therefore by making sure you download the right version which will suit your system is essential.

  • Customized icon bar

The tasks that are commonly done and the nature of work is different for every business because of which an option to customize the icon bar is provided by QuickBooks which you can design depending on what suits your needs. It will just take minutes to add an icon or remove and edit them in the icon bar in order to make the functions you are doing very easy to access. There is an option to select a few shortcuts following which you will be able to customize them for your everyday use.

  • Send payments faster

There is an add-on that is freely offered by QuickBooks for both the online and desktop version by just adding which you can begin to write eChecks which is similar to you writing checks on paper. There as same benefits as offered by paper checks that are provided by the DeluxeeChecks which cost less and are an easy solution to make payments.