Beauty and the Beast


The pains and pleasures of looking beautiful and attractive are known to every young girl and woman. They go to great extents to get rid of the blemishes on their skin. The whole process involves a lot of time, money and patience. The transformation from the beast(as unfairly perceived by this gender for the smallest flaw in their appearance, complexion or features) to the beauty is a long arduous journey that everyone willingly undertakes.

A few of the reasons for skin lesions like pimples and acne are atmospheric pollution, unhealthy diet and the use of dubious cosmetics and improper removal of makeup. All these above conditions tend to clog the pores and lead to theformation of blackheads and whiteheads. When these tiny comedos get infected due to an improper method of handling them you break out into pimples and acne.

This brings us to the question, is there a simpler solution to this supposedly calamitous situation? Do these young women or any woman for that matter have access to a simple answer to all their woes or should they subject themselves to expensive chemical procedures and treatments in the name of beauty?

The new maxim for beauty is that beauty lies in the hands of nature. Always seek natural solutions like the black mask to all your skin problems. Chemical products are not a cure that one should look for to solve problems that go deeper than the skin. The world of science has woken up late to the contraindications of all the cosmetics that women use. The damage done is irrevocable but the future is still in your hands and you can save your skin from the harmful effects of chemical formulations.

Hence, those troubled with pimples, acne(no, pimples and acne are not the same), whiteheads,blackheads and all other kinds of skin conditions can look towards this natural cure for a complete overhaul of your skin. Comprising of only natural ingredients like bamboo charcoal, provitamin B5, Grapefruit oil and wheat germ. Since all the ingredients are natural your body’s defense mechanism will not fight it and you will not have any adverse reactions to its application. This product is free of the additive often used in over the counter medications and creams for these conditions. The additives often suppress the problem leading to further flare-ups.

You may ask what about home remedies? Home remedies are probably the best solution to any skin related issues, it is not always practical to make mask anywhere and everywhere. The goodness of home in a tube is what makes this mask so special and interesting.

Economics has a role to play in this whole picture. While the usual set of cosmetics are pricey the black mask is very affordable.Those interested in the product can buy it directly from the dealer as it is not available over the counter.

A word of caution for all those who love their skin is that irrespective of what product you use, whenever you use a new product for the first time test it in the crook of your elbow or any other area which is not very visible totest for any allergic reactions.