Are you struggling with blackheads and spend amaddening amount of time in front of the mirror picking each one of those pesky things that mar your face?

Are you struggling with blackheads and spend amaddening amount of time in front of the mirror picking each one of those pesky things that mar your face? There are scores out there suffering from the same problem. If you are internet savvy you must have seen the recent posts oncharcoal masks that are touted to be the miracle cure for these skin conditions. The ease of applying and removing these peel off mask has made them immensely popular among those troubled with blackheads and pimples. Several YouTube videos by vloggers have become viral.


What is the truth about this new beauty rage that people can’t get enough? Is it really worth the excruciating pain that accompanies the removal of this dried tarry substance which was once gooey and unsightly? Is been beautiful so painful? What are the pros and cons of this product and why in the first place do you need it.


Our skin is the barrier that protects us from bacterial and viral attacks. In this fight against the baddies – allergens, pollution, makeup, the skin gets damaged, inflamed and clogged. The skin defends itself when under attack by turning red, swelling, burning and itching. If you don’t address the problem immediately you will have to deal with a more serious bacterial infection often in the form of acne and pimples.


What makes the charcoal mask special is its ability to pull out all the toxins from the skin layers which includes, dirt, grime and other irritants leaving the skin clean and fresh. This way the blackheads and the acne too are taken care of. In a world of instantsolutions, this formulation in the form of a peel-off mask has bowled over its users and so the hullabaloo about the mask.


But the internet is an uproar with people talking about the disadvantages and the advantages of the masks. Several facialistsclaim that these black masks are harmful to the skin as they peel away the essential oils required to keep the skin supple and form a protective layer against irritants.They state that users in their zeal for quick results don’t focus on the long-term side effects of the treatment.

Many vloggers jump this bandwagon and post their own  DIY face masks which have gone horribly wrong and pass a blanket statement that all charcoal masks are injurious to health.


But when dermatologists are asked the question if all charcoal masks are harmful, they have something contrary to state. They, in fact, vocalize fact that these masks are immensely beneficial in reducing the appearance of pores and removing the excess sebum – the main culprit. Of course what they do caution is that one must use them in moderation and not overdo anything that can irritate the skin.


So, one of the best ways to use these charcoal masks is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Reputable manufacturer’s like those who have made the Black Mask use other natural ingredients like wheat germ, provitamin B5 and grapefruit oil to maintain the skin health. This mask has only natural ingredients and is perfectly safe on all skin types.