Why does the first sign of a facial wrinkle send the alarm bells ringing?


Why does the first sign of a facial wrinkle send the alarm bells ringing? Aren’t wrinkles a sign of maturity that one gains with age? So, why should you shy away from these lines of grace and experience?Because, nowadays the average age for onset of wrinkles is an alarming 30, a steep drop from the 40s and 50s. And the cause for this untimely onset of wrinkles is not the body slowing down due to aging but other factors like stress, diet and external factors like pollution and UV rays.

With age, our skin undergoes changes and becomes thinner, drier and less supple and elastic. As a result, lines and creases form on the skin.Overexposure to sun, certain medication, dehydration, and genetic factors are other causes for premature onset of wrinkles.It is no wonder that the face, shoulders, hands, arms, and feet show the first signs of aging when compared with the rest of the body.

To get rid of these lines people often spend billions of dollars. There are several procedures and treatments that they resort to for that eternal youthful look. While most of them have moderate to significant success, it is not feasible for everyone to resort to these treatments simply because they are aggressive, complicated(in case of plastic surgery) and way too expensive. In addition to that, there are several instances of treatments going horribly wrong permanently disfiguring individuals.

Ideally one should take care of one’s skin since their younger days to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Everyone should have a healthy skin care routine which comprises of healthy eating, drinking a lot of water,cleaning, exfoliating, exercising, moisturizing and protecting from the harmful rays of thesun. If you haven’t done any of the above till now, you can do it now, remember the saying – better late than never.

But adopting a healthy lifestyle and skin care regime will not suffice; you need additional care. There are several anti-aging creams in the market but not everything is as effective as the Goji krém. It is one of the more affordable products in the antiaging market sans the ill effects of other chemical-based creams and lotions.

You can decide which antiaging cream is suitable for you based on your age, skin type, thefrequency of usage, ingredients, and finally the cost. Not all ingredients are suitable for all ages. Hence, care must be taken to choose a cream most suitable for your skin type. Another good antiaging cream feature is its ability to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, one of the most significant causesof premature aging and wrinkles in today’s times.

Goji krém is full of natural ingredients like the goji berry which is rich in amino acid which has a strong antioxidant effect. These amino acids keep your skin hydrated thereby gradually smoothening the wrinkles. These berries are also rich in vitamin B, Betaine, iron and vitamin C and E. The cream also facilitates the creation of collagen which improves the elasticity of theskin delaying wrinkles.