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What is Detoxic?

Our lives have changed and become much faster. To cope with a fast lifestyle it is obvious that we cut short things that take time, which means most of us avoid spending time cooking a healthy meal for the family. Instead it has become increasingly common to see most of us consume fast foods, soft drinks, fried foods, foods that are high in salt and sugar etc. Even though these foods may be delicious in taste, they are not always good for your health. They contain components like mono sodium glutamate. All these ingredients accumulate in the body and weaken the immune system.

A weak immune system invariably invites the entry of pathogens like viruses and bacteria and other disease producing agents. All of this together causes the body to become toxic.

Much contrary to common beliefs, a body does not become toxic only because of alcohol consumption. While it can definitely cause the body to get toxic but an unhealthy lifestyle also causes the same effect.

Talking about detoxifying your body often leads to believe that it must be a painful procedure taking place at a doctor’s clinic, which might also turn out to be expensive. But luckily with Detoxic the body can now be cleansed from within in the most natural way.

What is Detoxic?

It is a relatively new product made of natural products. It has been created such that it fights all the toxins and disease causing agents in the body. It acts like a flushing system and washes the system clean.

Being a completely natural product that is made from plant extracts is highly efficient in cleansing the system without causing any harm to the body. There are many benefits attached to the use of this amazing product. Let us see some of them

The benefits of using Detoxic

Your body and its systems become toxic because of excessive consumption of foods that are harmful for the health. This invariably reduces the naturally immunity of the body. Because of this compromised immunity, the body then becomes an easy host for pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

The result is a toxic body that adds pressure on the vital organs like heart, kidney, liver and lungs. This may lead to deteriorated health. You know a person has a toxic body when they are always tired, lack energy; suffer from dark circles or bags under the eyes, acne and other such conditions.

The use of Detoxic can offer the following benefits:

  • Brighter skin that is healthier and supple: A lower immunity often gives rise to allergic reactions which spoil the skin. Detoxic improves the immunity and brightens the skin. It makes the skin more elastic and supple.
  • Improved Digestive functions: When the vital organs of your body like the liver, intestines, lymph nodes are thoroughly cleansed you feel healthy and clean from within.
  • Improved overall health: Detoxic helps to make significant changes in the overall health of the body. A person is then not vulnerable to constantly falling sick. They tend to feel much stronger and better.

The main reason why this product is a remarkable one is because it is made of some exotic plant extracts. It includes components like European Thyme, cicade, clove etc.

This product is available only on its official website. You can place an order and have it delivered to your door step. There are also some great promotional offers doing the rounds on this one.

Health and Beauty

Our lives today have become fast paced and busy. We hardly have any time to dedicate to our own health and wellness. The result is poor nutrition and improper sleep and unhealthy food habits. The results of these are unwanted physically changes like premature balding ad greying of hair, a dull and pale looking skin, dark circles under the eyes and an overall appearance of poor health.

Obesity is yet another effect of a poor lifestyle. It appears physically unappealing but also comes along with many other problems like cardio vascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and other locomotive problems.

This is simply because we are moving far away from nature.

Health and Beauty

While both of them are separate entities, you cannot have one without the other. If you are physically strong and stimulated, your skin will brighten up naturally and glow with good health. This will obviously make you look beautiful.

Making use of natural and herbal products like Szépség Egészség is important. These products stimulate the body in a powerful yet gentle way. Your body gets its replenishment of energy without any unwanted effects.

When you make use of commercially available chemical products, these come along with many other undesirable effects which lead to problems in the long run. There are been studies conducted that have proven that such chemical products have many harmful effects on the health of a person and causes chronic illnesses.

The effects of Modern technology

In the recent past we have seen some great innovations and creations in science and technology. No doubts this has helped the world come closer. It has also helped human beings in many ways to progress. However, it has also taken human beings away from nature.

Whereas, it is important that one must stay connected to their roots at all times. And our roots lie only with Mother Nature. As solutions to all our problems lie only with nature.

It is important to include nature in everything you do. This will naturally have a positive effect on you. While it is true that a plastic surgeon may succeed in correcting some physical flaws of your body, but the brightness in your eyes and skin will only come from within. And it is nature that will be able to get you that glow.

And so even when we talk about food and drinks, we must indulge in naturally occurring food and drinks till as far as possible.

Yet another way to stay healthy is by indulging in natural physical exertion. One need not spend a huge sum of money on a gym but simple physical activities like swimming, walking and running are good enough to tone your muscles and help you stay fit.

When you indulge in natural physical exertion or enjoy a sport that you enjoy most, your body muscles undergo toning and exertion. This results in a better looking body that is devoid of any excessive fat. It also helps in the release of the ‘feel good’ hormones called Dopamine. This helps you feel good about yourself.

Other ways to feel good and still be in sync with nature is by indulging in natural activities. We all have forgotten how it feels to walk bare feet on grass, or lie down on grass and see the skies. By doing such simple acts we can stay close to nature and stay healthy and happy.

It is always pleasant to meet a person who is healthy and beautiful

It is always pleasant to meet a person who is healthy and beautiful. But beauty and health are not two separate entities but in fact are in sync with each other. A healthy person will always have a beautiful outsides, since they are healthy from inside their skin will glow and eye will be bright. So beauty and health are both in harmony with each other.

A person whose body is strong and full of vigor is a proof that he is a healthy person and naturally tends to look beautiful from outside. No doubt the modern technology has many option to make a person beautiful from outside, but there are no short cuts to good health.

The Modern Technology

With improvements in science and technology, the world is actually coming closer to one another as they move further into progress. Unfortunately this progress is also taking a person away from their roots that is they are taking them away from nature.

Nature is the core of every living being, and one must always make an endeavour to stay as close to nature as possible. Even when it comes to using products, it is important to stick to those products that are naturally occurring rather than chemically made products.

The Advantages of Natural Products

When you make use of products that are made of naturally occurring substance or herbal products like Szépség Egészség have many benefits. These products have an excellent way of functioning. They are power in action and yet gentle on the body. They improve the metabolism of the body and provide an excellent source of strength and energy to the human body without causing any side effects like the industrially produced chemical products.

It has been proven by many studies that making use of medical or beauty products that have chemical components in them often lead to chronic illnesses due to the side effects of the chemicals in them.

This also fortifies the importance of fuelling the body with healthy and natural food and drinks, as they not just give the body strength but also helps improve the immune system to keep away all unwanted viruses and bacteria from attacking the body.

Staying naturally healthy and fit is important

In the recent past, all our lives have undergone changes, they have become fast paced where we don’t have the time to dedicate to our own health. The result is unwanted physical conditions like obesity. It is not just physically unappealing but also brings along with it many health conditions like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases and much more.

When we do not supply our body with proper nutrition sleep etc, it takes a toll on our health. You will realize your metabolism has slowed down, skin appears dull, premature greying and balding occurs. With a pale skin and dark circles under eyes, it is certainly not how one should live.

Even though a plastic surgeon may help improve your physical appearance, the brightness in your eyes and skin will only come from within.

One need not spend money but indulge in simply physical activity like swimming, walking, running is also good enough.

We must go back to nature and feel the grass under our feet, or lie down and see the stars in the sky. The closer you are to nature, the better you will feel; you will get healthier and will look beautiful as well.

Beauty and the Beast


The pains and pleasures of looking beautiful and attractive are known to every young girl and woman. They go to great extents to get rid of the blemishes on their skin. The whole process involves a lot of time, money and patience. The transformation from the beast(as unfairly perceived by this gender for the smallest flaw in their appearance, complexion or features) to the beauty is a long arduous journey that everyone willingly undertakes.

A few of the reasons for skin lesions like pimples and acne are atmospheric pollution, unhealthy diet and the use of dubious cosmetics and improper removal of makeup. All these above conditions tend to clog the pores and lead to theformation of blackheads and whiteheads. When these tiny comedos get infected due to an improper method of handling them you break out into pimples and acne.

This brings us to the question, is there a simpler solution to this supposedly calamitous situation? Do these young women or any woman for that matter have access to a simple answer to all their woes or should they subject themselves to expensive chemical procedures and treatments in the name of beauty?

The new maxim for beauty is that beauty lies in the hands of nature. Always seek natural solutions like the black mask to all your skin problems. Chemical products are not a cure that one should look for to solve problems that go deeper than the skin. The world of science has woken up late to the contraindications of all the cosmetics that women use. The damage done is irrevocable but the future is still in your hands and you can save your skin from the harmful effects of chemical formulations.

Hence, those troubled with pimples, acne(no, pimples and acne are not the same), whiteheads,blackheads and all other kinds of skin conditions can look towards this natural cure for a complete overhaul of your skin. Comprising of only natural ingredients like bamboo charcoal, provitamin B5, Grapefruit oil and wheat germ. Since all the ingredients are natural your body’s defense mechanism will not fight it and you will not have any adverse reactions to its application. This product is free of the additive often used in over the counter medications and creams for these conditions. The additives often suppress the problem leading to further flare-ups.

You may ask what about home remedies? Home remedies are probably the best solution to any skin related issues, it is not always practical to make mask anywhere and everywhere. The goodness of home in a tube is what makes this mask so special and interesting.

Economics has a role to play in this whole picture. While the usual set of cosmetics are pricey the black mask is very affordable.Those interested in the product can buy it directly from the dealer as it is not available over the counter.

A word of caution for all those who love their skin is that irrespective of what product you use, whenever you use a new product for the first time test it in the crook of your elbow or any other area which is not very visible totest for any allergic reactions.


Are you struggling with blackheads and spend amaddening amount of time in front of the mirror picking each one of those pesky things that mar your face?

Are you struggling with blackheads and spend amaddening amount of time in front of the mirror picking each one of those pesky things that mar your face? There are scores out there suffering from the same problem. If you are internet savvy you must have seen the recent posts oncharcoal masks that are touted to be the miracle cure for these skin conditions. The ease of applying and removing these peel off mask has made them immensely popular among those troubled with blackheads and pimples. Several YouTube videos by vloggers have become viral.


What is the truth about this new beauty rage that people can’t get enough? Is it really worth the excruciating pain that accompanies the removal of this dried tarry substance which was once gooey and unsightly? Is been beautiful so painful? What are the pros and cons of this product and why in the first place do you need it.


Our skin is the barrier that protects us from bacterial and viral attacks. In this fight against the baddies – allergens, pollution, makeup, the skin gets damaged, inflamed and clogged. The skin defends itself when under attack by turning red, swelling, burning and itching. If you don’t address the problem immediately you will have to deal with a more serious bacterial infection often in the form of acne and pimples.


What makes the charcoal mask special is its ability to pull out all the toxins from the skin layers which includes, dirt, grime and other irritants leaving the skin clean and fresh. This way the blackheads and the acne too are taken care of. In a world of instantsolutions, this formulation in the form of a peel-off mask has bowled over its users and so the hullabaloo about the mask.


But the internet is an uproar with people talking about the disadvantages and the advantages of the masks. Several facialistsclaim that these black masks are harmful to the skin as they peel away the essential oils required to keep the skin supple and form a protective layer against irritants.They state that users in their zeal for quick results don’t focus on the long-term side effects of the treatment.

Many vloggers jump this bandwagon and post their own  DIY face masks which have gone horribly wrong and pass a blanket statement that all charcoal masks are injurious to health.


But when dermatologists are asked the question if all charcoal masks are harmful, they have something contrary to state. They, in fact, vocalize fact that these masks are immensely beneficial in reducing the appearance of pores and removing the excess sebum – the main culprit. Of course what they do caution is that one must use them in moderation and not overdo anything that can irritate the skin.


So, one of the best ways to use these charcoal masks is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Reputable manufacturer’s like those who have made the Black Mask use other natural ingredients like wheat germ, provitamin B5 and grapefruit oil to maintain the skin health. This mask has only natural ingredients and is perfectly safe on all skin types.


Why does the first sign of a facial wrinkle send the alarm bells ringing?


Why does the first sign of a facial wrinkle send the alarm bells ringing? Aren’t wrinkles a sign of maturity that one gains with age? So, why should you shy away from these lines of grace and experience?Because, nowadays the average age for onset of wrinkles is an alarming 30, a steep drop from the 40s and 50s. And the cause for this untimely onset of wrinkles is not the body slowing down due to aging but other factors like stress, diet and external factors like pollution and UV rays.

With age, our skin undergoes changes and becomes thinner, drier and less supple and elastic. As a result, lines and creases form on the skin.Overexposure to sun, certain medication, dehydration, and genetic factors are other causes for premature onset of wrinkles.It is no wonder that the face, shoulders, hands, arms, and feet show the first signs of aging when compared with the rest of the body.

To get rid of these lines people often spend billions of dollars. There are several procedures and treatments that they resort to for that eternal youthful look. While most of them have moderate to significant success, it is not feasible for everyone to resort to these treatments simply because they are aggressive, complicated(in case of plastic surgery) and way too expensive. In addition to that, there are several instances of treatments going horribly wrong permanently disfiguring individuals.

Ideally one should take care of one’s skin since their younger days to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Everyone should have a healthy skin care routine which comprises of healthy eating, drinking a lot of water,cleaning, exfoliating, exercising, moisturizing and protecting from the harmful rays of thesun. If you haven’t done any of the above till now, you can do it now, remember the saying – better late than never.

But adopting a healthy lifestyle and skin care regime will not suffice; you need additional care. There are several anti-aging creams in the market but not everything is as effective as the Goji krém. It is one of the more affordable products in the antiaging market sans the ill effects of other chemical-based creams and lotions.

You can decide which antiaging cream is suitable for you based on your age, skin type, thefrequency of usage, ingredients, and finally the cost. Not all ingredients are suitable for all ages. Hence, care must be taken to choose a cream most suitable for your skin type. Another good antiaging cream feature is its ability to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, one of the most significant causesof premature aging and wrinkles in today’s times.

Goji krém is full of natural ingredients like the goji berry which is rich in amino acid which has a strong antioxidant effect. These amino acids keep your skin hydrated thereby gradually smoothening the wrinkles. These berries are also rich in vitamin B, Betaine, iron and vitamin C and E. The cream also facilitates the creation of collagen which improves the elasticity of theskin delaying wrinkles.


Goji Krem For A Beautiful You

Facial creams and lotions have to be selected and picked carefully from the market because there are many that are made from all chemical properties and using them for a prolonged period would damage the skin cells making the face look dull and dead. The face is one part of the body that needs to be bright because this is what talks about what a person is and how he or she is. You can actually speak about yourselves and your beauty through your face. This is the first thing that attracts anybody to talk to you and hence it is very important that everybody takes good care of their face with what is best for it.

Goji krem

Goji krem is a cream that is rated well for enhancing the skin tone and to brighten up a person`s face. This is a cream manufactured by the well brand Hendel gardens and is known for all its natural ingredients and components. Theis cream is extracted from the Goji berries that are known worldwide for their therapeutic properties and since this is a rare berry that is found in only a few parts of the world, their pulp is extracted to get the maximum out from them in the form of Goji krem. This berry is known to be found in the lands of Tibet and the people of Tibet have been known to be using this fruit for many medical reasons.

Now let`s see the major components or the benefits that we get in terms of the healthy nutrients to the body and the face from the Goji berries.

  • These berries are rich in vitamin E, B group vitamins, and Iron all of which are very important for a healthy and glowing skin.
  • They have more of vitamin C, higher than even the well-known
  • They contain amino acids.

Since it is difficult to get these berries in all parts of the world and even if available, difficult to retain them fresh and healthy for a long time, they have been converted in the form of a cream that comes with a longer and extended shelf life. That being said, there is nothing that can actually match things that come naturally. But this cream has all the qualities and benefits of this berry to the maximum possible. Hence this is a cream that is in high demand in the market and has become the most preferred by women of all ages.

The benefits that a person would enjoy using this cream are:

  • Wrinkles due to age factor and expressions
  • Skin patches
  • Dryness
  • Pigmentations

They stop and prevent all these and try to keep the skin, its tone and the texture firm, tight and elastic for a long time even after you have become old. This cream from the goji berries would slowly enrich the skin with all that is necessary for a beautiful looking face and over a period of time give a good, appealing and glowing skin.

Give A New Look To Your Face Goji Krem

The face is the index of the mind.  Keeping the face fresh and bright is very important for all because this would actually brighten up the faces before you and you will get a good notice amongst a group of other people. With women, this is even more important because for them beauty is very important and this starts with the face first. There are many creams, bleaches, and lotions in the market that promise to give brightness and a glow to the face by enhancing the texture of the skin on the face. A tender and soft skin automatically makes the face glow and improves the texture.

Buying a rejuvenating cream is not the question today because there are shops floors filled with different varieties of these. The urge to stay beautiful and attractive is a natural instinct in women and for keeping up to this, they try all sorts of means. There are also many natural remedies that would help fight wrinkles on the face, stubborn marks, and scars and there are a few that would act as anti-aging formulae for a healthy and safe skin. A healthy diet is also a bigger reason behind a person`s improved face texture and skin tone. In these lines, we have the Goji krem that comes with anti-aging factors. Goji krem, like any other cream, is not just a cream with just the basic SPF and other components but is a careful mixture of many ingredients that help in improving and enhancing the skin tone, fights the marks and comes with abundant anti-aging factors.

It is considered a cream of the new generation and is in huge demand among the women if the modern ages. Generally, people prefer going for the ones that include the natural ingredients because it is the very important part of the body and hence they do not take any risks in trying out all that is available in the market. Natural ingredients try to treat the skin and its tone naturally without any side effects and are considered good also for the skin. Now, Goji krem is one such cream that has all the natural ingredients and the ones that are good and safe for the face. Using this cream for a prolonged period would actually help the person experience a good skin tone and texture.

Goji krem for

This is a magical cream that comes with components that can protect the face and the skin tone amply from the scorching sun rays, ingredients that fight the aging factors and few others that help in restoring the biological elements essential for a healthy and glowing skin. Using Goji krem for a considerable period of time would definitely give good results and one main advantage of using this is that all the components that go into its manufacturing are all natural, as said above, and hence can be used without any fear of the skin getting damaged due to the use of chemicals which is generally present in the other face creams.

Goji krem – is this the new age miracle cream?



Who likes to look old?

There is something called getting old and then there is something called aging gracefully! People hate getting older but the fact remains that while one cannot avoid ageing completely; at least we can postpone ageing by a few years or at the most age so gracefully that the torture is lessened.

With age and vitality, your looks and particularly the face which is the index of our body and mind take the brunt. Age is first seen on the face with tell tale signs such as

  1. Wrinkles;
  2. Crow’s feet;
  3. Laughter lines;
  4. Losing of elasticity of face muscles;
  5. Pigmentation; and
  6. Deformity especially beginning from the jaw lines.


When the first signs of aging appear:


This syndrome is not peculiar to women alone, men also in their early fifties can sense that age I getting the better of them and they can seek some medical attention in order to maintain good features and to prolong the effect of aging.


Women of course proverbially are always looking for ways t look younger not because they are fixated but because they seem to want to be presentable at all times! Wink!!


Goji krem and its many benefits:


If testimonials of hundreds and hundreds of people are to be believed and word for word then you would probably be so convinced that this cream is definitely the miracle cream that everyone was just waiting for.


Here is a list of the many benefits that the cream does:


  1. It hydrates the skin:


The cream is known for hydrating the dried skin cells and tissues thereby bringing back the lost glow. There is a visible radiance on the face only after a week’s application of the formulation. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews that people have posted after they have used the cream themselves. You will most obviously want to try it out for yourself.


  1. It increases the elasticity of the skin muscles:


As age advances, the muscles of the face start losing elasticity and with due course become rigid and tense. This elasticity is very important to maintain as when it begins to wane is also the time when the face starts showing signs of age such as laughter lines, crow’s feet, forehead stress lines and the double chin.


  1. Softens the skin:


The face skin will feel visible soft and nurtured. When you touch your skin, it may be unbelievable what a difference a little bit of cream done daily can do to your most precious asset – your face!


  1. it tightens and removes the wrinkles:


there is nothing more important to a person that to be able to maintain his or her youthful looks for as long as he or she wants. The internet is full of before and after pictures of people who have trusted the formula and bought and used it on themselves. The pictures tell a story that is sometimes incredible but if pictures could speak they would indelibly talk of the effectiveness of the cream.


  1. it rejuvenates the complexion and reduces the pigmentation et al


We all love to maintain our complexion even if it means that we keep loitering in the sun without caring in the world to cover ourselves. Exposure to the sun can also result in black heads and pigmentation spots which can be totally eliminated and avoid occuring at all if this cream is religiously applied. For more information you may log on to




Have you tried detoxic treatment supplement yet?



If you are unreasonably putting on extra weight:

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you cannot explain the kind of extra pounds that you keep adding to your mid-ridge and on the other parts of your body? You wonder because you do not know what is wrong since you have not made any changes in your diet nor have you stopped exercising or even maintain your active lifestyle.

When you or someone that you know faces a situation like this you know there are two possibilities.

  • The first one is that you must be having thyroid imbalance so to say hyperthyroidism which means that the body is now producing more thyroid than it can easily synthesize and that extra Thyroxin which is the hormone produced by the thyroid gland which can be as little as few milligrams is reacting with the fat content in your body and wrecking havoc to your system and resultantly you are putting on unexplained weight and that must be worrying you sick.

In this kind of scenario you must immediately rush to your doctor who will prescribe you to undergo a thyroid test the result of which will determine the amount of medication that one will need to set off the effect of the extra thyroxin that is produced by your thyroid glands.

  • The second possibility that there are worms and other parasites in your alimentary canal and they need to be cleaned in order that you stop putting on weight. the direct repercussion of having such worms and parasites in the intestine is obviously that you put on weight but the indirect repercussion is that slowly the digestion process slows down and that in turn can affect th internal vital organs and also to the extent of affecting normal sleep patterns and then the reflection of all this on the skin and the hair and more particularly on the skin of the face is prominent.


For this, it is important that a detoxic treatment be done so that the worms and the parasites in the intestines are flushed out b the body. The treatment has to be a herbal one because you do not want to end up consuming chemical formulation that could be harmful for your body in the long run. Additionally, the side effects could be more crippling and debilitating than the symptom of the actual ailment itself.


The detoxic treatment is not very costly:


The best part about the detoxic treatment supplement is that it retails at a very reasonable price. Additionally, it is available at online stores and the shipping is also free. The ingredients which go into making this treatment supplement is entirely natural including herbs and spices such as the cloves, the beet herb and other such herbs which can be used in our kitchens as well.

Obviously with the goodness of such ingredients there is bound to be a natural cure for the body sans any side effects at all.


The treatment is hundred percent safe:


All statutory tests point to the fact that this supplementary complies with all safety standards and is safe for human consumption. It has cleared all tests and the results are extremely encouraging. If you want to know more about the supplement log on to and learn how you can improve your health without worrying about the price or the side effects!